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Exploring Jujiang New Energy Industrial Park Through a Virtual Tour

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About Us

Zhejiang Jujiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Jujiang Group.

Established in 1999, Jujiang Group operates across diverse industries, including lead-acid batteries for car starting, auto components, whole vehicle part platforms for repair shops, lead-acid battery recycling and smelting, lithium battery recycling and dismantling, and echelon utilization and assembly. Leveraging on the Jujiang Group's outstanding track record, Jujiang New Energy conducts extensive research and development, manufacturing, and sales of power batteries, outdoor, and residential energy storage products. Currently, we export the energy storage products to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, and other regions.

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Telphone: +86-150 5850 0307
Email: wenly@jeje-energy.com
Address: Youbu Industry Area, Lanxi City, Zhejiang, CN.

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