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Jujiang New Energy exhibited at the 2023 World Battery Expo

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The World Battery Industry Expo, also known as WBE2023, took place from August 8th to 10th in Guangzhou, China. Jujiang New Energy was there to showcase more than twenty products, including home energy storage, outdoor energy solutions, car batteries, and advanced lithium-based batteries. They also presented practical solutions for residential and small business energy storage needs. This exhibition aimed to support the growth of China's clean energy industry while making a global impact.


On the first day of the event, Jujiang New Energy's booth attracted a wide range of visitors, including potential clients from different countries. This strong international presence is helping Jujiang New Energy expand its reach globally and provide its high-quality products to users worldwide. It also demonstrates China's leadership in innovative new energy solutions on the global stage.



WBE is like a trade fair for the battery industry and has a significant global influence, with participants and visitors from more than 80 countries and regions. With over 1,000 companies participating and an estimated 100,000 attendees, this expo is a crucial platform for new energy companies to expand internationally, promote global market growth, and establish their brands on a global scale.


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