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Jujiang New Energy new production plant, launched on 8th June, 2023

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On the morning of June 8th, 2023, within the Jujiang New Energy Industrial Park, government officials, corporate executives, industry guests, vendor representatives, and all employees of Jujiang New Energy gathered together to witness the significant milestone of the inauguration of the new manufacturing facility for Jujiang New Energy.


Established and registered in January 2022, Jujiang New Energy also holds a controlling stake in Jinhua Yien Power Co., Ltd. Positioned as a crucial strategic move within the lithium battery new energy sector by Jujiang Group, Jujiang New Energy is aligned with the national dual-carbon strategy. Beyond strong backing from the group, the new energy initiative has garnered continuous support throughout its planning, implementation, and establishment phases from local governments at various levels, as well as entities like Kuaiqun Car Services, Dingteng, and BinFu Capital.

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The new factory area of Jujiang New Energy spans 30 acres, encompassing an industrial park with a 24,000 square meter facility. This compound, created by Jujiang Group, forms a comprehensive new energy complex that integrates research and development, production, logistics, warehousing, and sales. Within the park, advanced modern automated production equipment and online inspection devices have been deployed to ensure the stability, consistency, and reliability of each product. Notably, the new factory's annual production capacity can reach up to 1.1 million kilowatt-hours.

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As a technology-driven company, Jujiang New Energy centers its efforts on the development of lithium energy storage products and the recycling and cascaded utilization of automotive power batteries. Its aim is to establish itself as a leading enterprise in this domain. Leveraging collaborations with over 5,000 sales outlets through Jujiang Power and Kuaiqun Car Services on a national scale, along with partnerships with 300,000 repair shops nationwide, Jujiang New Energy engages in the nationwide recycling of electric vehicle power batteries.

The company continually innovates in critical processes like disassembly, repair, and capacity grading of power batteries. It has independently developed an innovative cascaded Battery Management System (BMS/EMS). With the dedication of its in-house research and development team, the company iterates and updates its products, refining aspects from aesthetic design to performance enhancement and intelligent control. This commitment has led to the successful creation of a range of dependable, visually appealing products. These include photovoltaic energy storage solutions (portable, residential, small-scale commercial) and vehicular batteries (parking batteries, low-speed power, emergency start power), among others.

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Driven by innovation, Jujiang New Energy will continue to escalate its investment in research and development to propel technological advancements. This drive aims to elevate product performance and quality while consistently broadening the spectrum of offerings to cater to diverse market demands. Leveraging shared resources and synergies, Jujiang New Energy is set to enhance supply chain efficiency and reliability. Additionally, the company is committed to refining production processes, enhancing productivity, and reducing costs, all with the goal of providing more competitive pricing and broader market coverage.

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As a pivotal strategic initiative of Jujiang Group, Jujiang New Energy remains committed to the principles of scientific innovation and sustainable development. It steadfastly drives progress and growth within the green energy sector. Collaborating with partners from various sectors, Jujiang New Energy aims to jointly promote the adoption and utilization of clean energy. By contributing its efforts, the company aspires to play a role in building both a beautiful China and a sustainable world.

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