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Jujiang New Energy: Accelerating the Outdoor Home Energy Storage Category

Views: 67     Author: Hu Jie, Fang Hao     Publish Time: 2022-11-07      Origin: Lanxi City Integrated Media Center


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In the trial production workshop of Jujiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., employees are testing the assembly of the company's newly developed outdoor energy storage product series on two production lines. According to Liu Yuheng, the company's production director, the two production lines mainly produce 300-watt outdoor portable energy storage products and modules for two-wheeled electric vehicle power batteries. "This 300-watt outdoor power supply is a new product that our company just launched in September, integrating all the common functions of emergency power supplies available on the market, including various DC output ports, USB interfaces, wireless charging, and more," Liu Yuheng said.

Jujiang Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of lead-acid batteries for automotive starting, and it ranks among the top in the industry in terms of comprehensive strength. In recent years, Jujiang has actively responded to the national call for "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" policies, and in line with the need for corporate transformation and upgrading, it invested in the establishment of Jujiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in the first half of this year.

"Our main business focuses on two areas: the recycling and cascading utilization of power battery packs, and the research, development, and sales of outdoor and home energy storage," said Lin Yi, President of Zhejiang Jujiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. As the growth of new energy electric vehicles continues, the recycling and disposal of retired battery packs will be a major challenge. Jujiang New Energy relies on the sales channels of Jujiang Power accumulated over twenty years and the advantages of cooperation with numerous automobile manufacturers to engage in the recycling of new energy vehicle power battery packs and their cascading utilization in outdoor and home energy storage products. Currently, energy storage products are mainly sold to countries and regions such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Lin Yi stated that as a newly established field for the company, Jujiang New Energy will closely focus on the goal of creating a "new era typical industrial city." They will increase research and development investment, tackle core technologies, focus on sales and production capacity, and grow the company, making new contributions to the industrial development of Lanxi.

Source: Lanxi City Integrated Media Center

Reporter: Hu Jie, Fang Hao

Editor: Chen Chan

Review: Lou Liwen, Hu Yanjing

Producer: Wang Yinfeng, Xu Ying

Chief Producer: Xu Wenxiang, Hu Wenhui

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