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Affordable, simple & smart battery solutions
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Professional Energy Storage
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We provide scientifically safe green energy products and services to global users.

Business Scope

Portable Power Station

Plug & Play Backup Power Solution 1~3kWh

Lead-acid Replacement

Drop-in replacement battery

Residential Energy Storage

Low Voltage Energy Storage

Stackable Energy Storage

All-in-One Solar Energy Storage

LiFePO4 RV Battery

Heavy duty truck & RV power solution

Products Application

Jujiang energy storage provides affordable, simple & smart power solutions, covering a wide range of applications including portable power stations, residential energy storage, industrial & commercial energy storage, RV batteries etc.

About Us

Zhejiang Jujiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Jujiang Group. Established in 1999, Jujiang Group operates across diverse industries, including lead-acid batteries for car starting, auto components, whole vehicle part platforms for repair shops, lead-acid battery recycling and smelting, lithium battery recycling and dismantling, and echelon utilization and assembly. Leveraging on the Jujiang Group's outstanding track record, Jujiang New Energy conducts extensive research and development, manufacturing, and sales of power batteries, outdoor and residential energy storage products
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jujiang company
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Anual Production Capacity
Jujiang New Energy is a technology innovation company primarily involved in the research and development as well as sales of lithium battery and battery pack technology. Our main focus lies in the R&D and manufacturing of cutting-edge new energy storage products. At the inception of our company in 1999, we captured a 20% market share in the domestic market with our lead-acid carbatteries, securing a rank of 4th. After 24 years of continuous development, we have expanded our business scope and actively entered the lithium battery industry. We now export products to over 30 countries, including South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Latin America. Our annual output value has reached $300 million. Today, we possess industry-leading expertise in lithium battery pack research and development, along with advanced manufacturing equipment. Our professional technical team is dedicated to providing comprehensive one-stop services for new energy battery products to both domestic and international customers, catering to their specific industry needs.
In 2023, the company has 4 full-automatic production lines, the production lines equipped with full-automatic digital laser machines and high-precision multi-function digital control capacity grading system, the accuracy can reach one ten- thousandths, which guarantees the battery with more longer cycle life and higher battery safety.
Our Process
At JUJIANG, we've revolutionized the energy storage industry with our cutting-edge production process. We are committed to sustainability and excellence, and our journey begins with the responsible recycling and repurposing of electric vehicle (EV) battery waste. By giving these batteries a second life, we reduce waste and support a greener future.
Ev Battery Waste
Supply Chain Partnerships
Proprietary Technology
Reliable Product
Second-Life Energy Storage

Our Technology

Through continuous innovation in processes such as dismantling, repair, and capacity matching of power batteries, as well as independent research and development of battery management systems (BMS/EMS), we have developed a series of high-quality and aesthetically appealing products

Rapid Battery Testing

using machine learning

Reassembly Optimization

to cut costs and maximize lifetime

State-of-the-art Controls

to monitor and maintain battery health

Recent News and Blog

10 Aug

The World Battery Industry Expo, also known as the 8th Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition (WBE2023), was held grandly from August 8th to 10th in Guangzhou, China. Jujiang New Energy showcased over twenty products, including home energy storage, outdoor energy storage, vehicular energy storage, and lith

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08 Jun

On the morning of June 8th, 2023, within the Jujiang New Energy Industrial Park, government officials, corporate executives, industry guests, vendor representatives, and all employees of Jujiang New Energy gathered together to witness the significant milestone of the inauguration of the new manufact

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Address: Youbu Industry Area, Lanxi City, Zhejiang, CN.

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